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Veggie Burger

Black Bean Veggie Burger & Fries


Catering Services

Our Catering Services understanding that the foundation behind every good meal is flavor, passion, and history. Our mission at Twin Cities Finest Cuisine is to provide a soulful experience by bringing various flavors of the world to your plate. Representing diversity through variety!






Master Chef

Elayne Owusu brings her African and Southern roots to her cuisine.

Born in Oklahoma, she spent many summers in her Mother and Grandmother’s kitchens learning how to prepare delicious soulful dishes. A graduate of Metropolitan State University with degrees in Management, International Business, and Project Management, Elayne utilizes her business sense and knowledge in the catering business.  Elayne is also a graduate of Saint Paul College where she received her Pastry and Baking certificate and a degree in the culinary arts. As a volunteer for charitable organizations in the Twin Cities area, Elayne enjoys helping to enrich her community by providing hot nutritious, and delicious meals to those in need.



Red Velvet Delight

This Red Velvet cake is a crowd pleaser! This delicious cake has a layer of vanilla cheesecake that’s sure to please anyone’s palate.

Chocolate Sensation

Who can resist Cookies N’ Cream? Moist chocolate cake with a cream cheese and Oreo filling is a chocolate lover’s dream! Made with Ghanaian chocolate and love.

Strawberry Cheesecake Crunch Cake

A delicious moist strawberry cake with a vanilla cheesecake center. The strawberry crunch coating will leave you wanting more!

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